We are God’s Purposeful Masterpiece

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

Several years ago I had the chance to travel to Chicago with my husband on two separate business trips. Each time, I visited a new section of the city; the zoo, the shops in the city, the river, and the pier. However, on both occasions, I absolutely had to go to the Art Institute of Chicago.

I have studied classic artists as well as dabbled in creating fine arts myself. I can analyze art for hours especially scenes that invite me into their world such as Georges Seurat A Sunday on La Grande Jatte as seen above. I have always been so curious as to why there is a monkey with the dogs. Did Seurat actually see a pet monkey or did he add that in for viewers to pause and wonder?

At first glance, one might not think the artwork is extraordinary, yet if you look closely at the original, the viewer will see layers of lines and dots in complementary colors that create the shapes of the people, animals, and nature. Each dot or stroke of the brush was purposely positioned.

We have a loving Creator who carefully designed his people. To others, we might seem ordinary, yet through Him, we are a masterpiece created to do good things that bring honor to Him. Like being kind and loving to one another, sharing each other’s burdens, and praying for those who do not yet know Him.

Take a moment to pray for someone and thank God for the wonderful masterpiece that they are!

May you be blessed by the Lord, who made heaven and earth! Psalm 115:15

Prayer: Dear Lord, I look around and see many hurting people. They need you, Lord. May many see the Truth this season as we celebrate the birth of Christ, who came to save all. In His precious name, Jesus. Amen.

For further reading: Ephesians 2


Published by Tiffany C. Schwander

Tiffany has a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University and has been helping families for over 20 years. She and her husband, Mark, are raising their teenage twin sons to be strong in their faith and knowledgeable in the Word to strongly face life’s joys and trials. Tiffany has been Linda Colby’s associate teacher for the past three years in a national women’s ministry leading and guiding women and teens. Tiffany enjoys encouraging, teaching and counseling women and children into a closer relationship with Jesus as they study His Word.

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